I am Wesley Dean, an Australian singer/songwriter, an award winning singer/songwriter, no less. I was born in Adelaide on September 14, 1982. That makes me just 38. In the late 90’s at the age of 14, my parents divorced, I moved to Sydney to pursue my dream, my calling, to write and perform music. I always knew that was my thing. I began playing in bars and clubs across Sydney, lying about my age so they’d let me in. Night after night, club and bar after bar, you grow up fast and you hone your craft or you don’t keep the gig.

The collection of songs here is a reflection of these early years. I was criticised and rejected by A&R staff at labels in Australia for writing songs beyond my years, by that I mean, these guys told me there’s no way a young kid can be writing about deep life experiences at 15. I was actually held back for writing meaningful songs. My writing has always been a reflection of life experiences and society. They couldn’t handle it. I remember one guy in particular telling me to come back to him when I was 40.

So I kept doing my thing. I wrote, played and performed. I was in a band called Tambalane for a bit with Ben Gillies from Silverchair. I collaborated with Andrew Farris from INXS and Don Walker from Cold Chisel.. all iconic bands in Australia.. and I think by the time I was 25 I had played every club in Australia. Definitely, Sydney. Then I got a wild idea and auditioned for Australian Idol. It was 2008. It was something to do and maybe I had something to prove, in retrospect. It was to be a weird experience because it was (and still is) more about TV and celebrity than songwriting. No surprise there to any of us in the biz. And then I won. WTF! Then it ALL came at me fast. All of a sudden I had a #1 Platinum record and everyone was my friend. Even those aforementioned A&R guys that told me to come back later, after I had “grown up.”

I quickly became disillusioned with the whole Idol thing as many winners will tell you. The label I was signed to insisted I do covers and numerous tribute shows (to other artists) after my hit debut album. It’s an Australian thing. Naturally, I rebelled. So not only was I disillusioned with the idol celebrity fame, but I became disappointed by the music business in general, across the board. So I decided it was time to take a break.

I married a gorgeous lady, had two beautiful sons and focused on being a father. But the fire burned inside. It never went out and soon I was back writing daily and in my zone.

And that brings us right here. I am back, not as Wes Carr, Australian Idol winner 2008, but as Wesley Dean (my real middle name). Reborn.

The Australian singer/songwriter writing and singing about…


This Thing Called Life!

The Story



What Ifs & Whys- Wesley Dean

Mumble – Wesley Dean

100% Country – Wesley Dean

Human – Wesley Dean

Magik – Wesley Dean

This Thing Called Life – Wesley Dean


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